Eco-friendly cleaning in Berlin.
*Our service area includes Charlottenburg, Mitte, Schöneberg, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Alt-Treptow and surrounding neighbourhoods.

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We help you achieve a sparkling living space using sustainable cleaning methods.

Who we are

We are a socially responsible cleaning business who believe cleaning should be green - eco-friendly and healthy for our bodies as well as for the environment.

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What we do

Our products and cleaning methods are tough on dirt and dust, but easy on people and pets - and safe for all types of surfaces.

Our cleaning technicians are extensively trained and receive a fair wage. Good jobs make happy cleaners.

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A detailed cleaning

Detailed dusting
From ceiling cobwebs, down to radiators and baseboards we rid your space of dust.
A sparkling home
If it can shine - it should! We make sure to pay attention to details and leave your place sparkling.
Sensitive materials
Our cleaners are trained in the proper care of materials such as natural stone, ceramic and wood.
Maintenance tips
Our cleaners are more than happy to share cleaning tips and tricks with you - we don't have secrets. Just good craftsmanship.
Floor care
We have cleaning solutions for most floors and happily accept care instructions from the manufacturer or installer.
No strong chemicals
We avoid using any strongly corrosive cleaning chemicals to minimise health risks and environmental stress.
Common questions

What are your rates?

Our hourly rates start at 34.27 euros for weekly maintenance cleaning and 38.08 euros for one-off cleaning appointments. Glass cleaning is charged per window or square meter.

We charge a flat-rate travel fee of 7.50 euros per appointment for maintenance cleaning. Travel charges for single appointments, deep cleanings and glass / window cleaning range between 7.50 - 25 Euro.

The above prices include 19% VAT / USt.

Our services are tax deductible for private customers in accordance with Section 35a EStG (household services).

How long will the cleaner take to clean my home?

We generally estimate about one hour of cleaning per 30-50 square meters of space. Depending on the level of soiling, we may recommend a deep cleaning to start.

What is included in this time?

We use a very detailed checklist that includes most aspects of your home's maintenance cleaning from top- to bottom. If you have weekly- or biweekly appointments with us, we can customise this checklist to suit your needs, for example to add bed-making and laundry to the list. If periodically you need any extra services, we can add extras like oven or window cleaning to your plan.

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