Eco-friendly cleaning in Berlin.

Who we are

We are a socially responsible cleaning business who believe cleaning should be green - eco-friendly and healthy for our bodies as well as for the environment. This is the vision of our founder, Oskar Lindskog.

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What we do

Our products and cleaning methods are tough on dirt and dust, but easy on people and pets - and safe for all types of surfaces.

Our cleaning technicians are extensively trained and receive a fair wage. Good jobs make happy cleaners.

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Our services

Window deep cleaning
When cleaning the glass, sticky and stubborn dirt such as labels, paint, mortar and cement splashes as well as residues of joint sealing compounds are removed.
Cobweb removal
Annoying cobwebs and dust everywhere, both inside and on the facade? We remove them regularly.
Frame cleaning
With a thorough window cleaning, we are also happy to remove discoloration, stickers, graffiti and stubborn dirt from window frames and their components.
Floor care
If you need expert floor cleaning or maintenance, we can help with most scenarios.
Environmentally friendly
We avoid strong chemicals at both ends of the pH scale and chlorine-based cleaners as much as possible.
Window maintenance cleaning
Regular cleaning removes soiling from normal environmental influences (e.g. road dust, traces of dirt from rain, soiling from insects).
We help you achieve a sparkling space using sustainable cleaning methods.