A sparkling, hygienic space with no effort.

Using natural cleaning methods, we make your home shine. We bring a full set of cleaning supplies to every house, and follow a detailed checklist. You can get on with your day.

Free up time in your everyday life

“would recommend. thorough, professional, and quick cleaning.”

★★★★★   Marco, Berlin-Neukölln

A spotless home

  • Reduce your household chores
  • Rest easy knowing your home is well-maintained

Environmentally friendly

  • We only use biodegradable cleaning solutions
  • Dedicated to reducing waste

Non-toxic and hygienic

  • Allergy sensitive
  • Hygiene plan for COVID-19 prevention
Our team
Green cleaning in Berlin

At Clean by Oskar, we are committed to preserving our natural environment and promoting health and wellness for cleaners and customers alike. We take a number of measures to reduce waste and minimise any negative health and environmental impact.

Many naturally sourced ingredients can be used to great effect - for cleaning sanitary spaces, getting rid of mineral deposits and breaking through greasy residue. We take care not to use any harmful chemicals, or over-dose cleaning solutions since this leads to environmental stress.

Biodegradable and natural soaps are highly effective in cleaning surfaces. In most cases, they are preferred when dealing with sensitive materials such as wood, ceramics or natural stone.

By training our cleaning technicians on effective cleaning methods and the proper use of natural products, we achieve a high standard of hygienic cleaning that makes your space both sparkle and smell fantastic.


A detailed cleaning

No more dust
From ceiling cobwebs, down to radiators and baseboards we rid your space of dust.
A sparkling home
If it can shine - it should! We make sure to pay attention to details and leave your place sparkling.
Sensitive materials
Our cleaners are trained in the proper care of materials such as natural stone, ceramics and wood.
Maintenance tips
Our cleaners are more than happy to share cleaning tips and tricks with you - we don't have secrets. Just good craftsmanship.
Floor care
We have cleaning solutions for most floors and happily accept care instructions from the manufacturer or installer.
Essential oils
Rather than perfumes found in retail cleaning products, we opt for using natural essential oils to deodorise your space.
Wann soll es losgehen?
Wenn Sie sich für unsere Unterhaltsreinigung anmelden, werden Sie sich nie wieder Sorgen um einen gepflegten Wohnraum machen.
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